How to make your lips more visible.

A lot of women wish to change something in the appearance and increase thereby natural appeal. At the same time, beautiful ladies often think of how visually to increase lips look – a symbol of sensuality and charm. For the creation of more effective image, it is not obligatory to undergo itself for “beauty pricks” at all. It is possible to correct contours and to make lips more magnificently, having skillfully applied a makeup. Despite the temptation to allocate lips by means of defiant or dark lipstick, it is better to refuse from such shades. In that case, the emphasis on lips will be placed, but they will look less than it would be desirable. Therefore you may use this option if your lips was quite blessed.

In you have a thin lip it is better to use cosmetics of easy, light tones. And, selecting lipstick, it is necessary to take into account the hair color and face skin. Blondes, for example, are recommended to use means which color range varies from icy-pink to corporal. Lipstick of more saturated shades – peach, the caramel will be well combined with dark hair. Darker shades are admissible only for the girls having swarthy skin – to light cosmetics on their lips will artificially look.

Patches of light and blinking on lips bewitch and create an illusion of their swelling. Therefore in case of a makeup application, it is necessary to apply special gloss. This product has versions: the mirror, creating an effect of humidity of lips, holographic and others. The lip gloss is used and independently, and as addition to the applied lipstick.

To visually increase lips, having added them shine, it is possible also by means of other cosmetics – shadows with spangles or the highlighter that is usually applied to the lightening of separate zones on the face.

Foundation, cosmetic proofreader or powder.

These means are used for the creation of a basis that will fill lip folds and will allow lipstick to lay down more exactly. Besides, with a basic layer cosmetics will be fixed more reliably, and the color of lipstick will be rendered most fully.

Means for an eyeliner.

Designation of necessary borders will require two planimetric pencils. One – light, (for example white). Another – under the color of lips (recommended for a lipstick of natural shades) or in tone to lipstick. It is also possible to use a special eyeliner.