Considerations When Looking For Serviced Apartments

Renting a serviced apartment is obviously one of the smartest decisions you can make. It can become a thankless responsibility though. Almost everyone might need special accommodation away from home at one point in their lives. Whether you have to travel for a training course, with business purposes or with your family, you need a place to stay. While plenty of people never bother to research their options and stick to the classic hotels only, many others go a little further and choose to educate themselves accordingly upfront. This is when they run into serviced apartments.

Serviced apartments look like a brand new trend in today’s real estate market, yet they exist for decades. However, they have just started gaining popularity less than a decade ago. Serviced apartments are specifically designed for both long and short term uses. Of course, renting a regular apartment might be a better option if you need to stay for more months, but generally speaking, a regular vacation or a short trip will not take so long. Plus, you benefit from most amenities you can find in a hotel anyway, whether it comes to reception, doormen, swimming pools, Internet, television, parking and others. Facilities and costs vary from one place to another.

As a general rule, you should not expect to find serviced apartments just like you see hotels. You cannot get a cab and ask them to take you to the nearest serviced apartment because they are not advertised with big shiny lights and ads. From this point of view, benefiting from these opportunities implies doing your homework upfront. You should start searching before you even get to the destination or you risk ending up in an expensive hotel with no facilities on site. The Internet is a good starting point. Look for serviced apartments in the area you will travel to and double check the living conditions. Find out what facilities are included. At the same time, it is imperative to check the costs. The more serviced apartments you compare, the easier it becomes to find the most cost efficient deal. Do not just settle for the first website you run into.

A few reviews are also very handy. You have to look for the respective address or owner’s name over the Internet and find out what other people think about it. Obviously, you are less likely to find as many reviews as you find for hotels, but at least you should determine if there are any negative words. You can make reservations online and even drop a down payment. Therefore, you want to ensure that your money goes in the right direction and there are no risks to lose your earnings. Plus, missing a reservation is very likely to ruin your vacation too because you have to think fast. You cannot get online and research in the streets, so you will probably end up stuck in a random hotel.

Double check the area the serviced apartments are in. Even if they are advertised to be in the central area or a place that you need to get to fast, get the address and look online on the map. How much do you need to walk to your destination? Is there public transportation around? What about shops or restaurants? Think about the facilities that you are interested in and research the nearby streets in order to determine if this is the right deal for you.